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A Safe Place for Your Child to Play with a Purpose

At St. Bartholomew’s Preschool, your child can participate in a wide variety of stimulating activities in a caring, nurturing environment where learning, loving and sharing are valued.

The best way to find out about St. Bart’s Preschool is to come with your child and let us show you around. Please e-mail or call us at 858-487-2140 to schedule a tour.

“Together may we give our children
​the roots to grow and the wings to fly,”


Our Education Programs

In order to flourish and grow, young children need age-appropriate activities to stir their imaginations and entice their curious natures.

​Your child is unique and should have opportunities to develop individual creativity, explore, experiment, enjoy peer friendships and learn foundational concepts in a fun-filled preschool environment.

Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers

St. Bart’s Preschool is fortunate to have a qualified, dedicated and caring staff. Our teachers are dedicated to providing an excellent foundation for a lifetime of learning and are committed to sharing the joy.

Feedback on our programs

As a Christian preschool, we seek to share our faith in Christ by helping the children understand the world God has made and the love Jesus has for each one of them. We also support parents and families as they lead their children on a path toward a lifetime of learning. Our goal is to have our students leave St. Bart’s loving school, excited about learning, and socially and academically prepared for their journey into kindergarten.

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