Fun and Engaging Educational Activities for Preschoolers

As parents, we all wish for our preschoolers to thrive and flourish to the greatest extent possible. Preschool is when minds absorb everything around them like sponges; preschoolers’ energy makes learning new things especially easy! Therefore, it is vitally important that they remain engaged in enjoyable but educational activities for preschoolers that benefit them academically and make them smile with happiness!

Research by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) demonstrates how educational activities for preschoolers have an immense effect on their cognitive, social, and emotional growth. Such activities help children learn new skills while strengthening their attention spans, language-communication abilities, creativity, and problem-solving capabilities. Let us discover these activities together!

8 Educational Activities for Preschoolers

The preschool years are filled with rapid physical, intellectual, and social development for young children. Each day they discover new things – from learning how to walk or talk to becoming socialized in society. One effective way of supporting their learning is by offering educational activities that are both enjoyable and stimulating. Here are eight educational activities suitable for preschoolers:

Educational Activities for Preschoolers

  • Listening to Stories

First up is listening to stories with preschoolers. Preschoolers love listening to tales; it can help develop both their language skills and imagination! Reading aloud or creating original tales on the spot are great options here – 93% of preschoolers reported enjoying listening to tales, according to one study! Not only will listening to stories help with language development, but it will also foster their love of reading and learning!

  • Building Puzzles

Next up is puzzle building for preschoolers! Puzzles help preschoolers develop problem-solving and hand-eye coordination while keeping pieces age appropriate and few so your child is not overwhelmed by them. There is something available for every skill level, so there should be one just right for your little one. 75% of preschoolers enjoy building them, which promotes problem-solving ability, fine motor control skills, and hand-eye coordination!

  • Playing with Construction Toys and Blocks

Playing with construction toys and blocks is another fun preschooler activity to help develop spatial awareness and fine motor skills. Preschoolers can build towers, bridges, and even entire cities!

  • Free Drawing

Your preschooler will express themselves creatively when given free drawing as a form of expression and fine motor development. Just give them paper, crayons and let their creativity run wild! Free drawing provides them with an outlet for their artistic side. It helps develop fine motor skills as well as expression.

  • Math and Numeracy Activities

Math and numeracy activities for preschoolers can also be fun! Using toys or objects as learning aids, these activities help your preschooler master counting, adding, subtracting, and basic shapes. – around 60% of preschoolers enjoy these math-numeracy activities that help develop early math skills while preparing children for kindergarten.

  • Free Play

Preschoolers benefit greatly from engaging in free play. This enables them to explore, discover, and learn through play. Provide different toys so your preschooler can create his or her own stories or games!

  • Learning Rhymes and Songs

Teaching preschoolers rhymes and songs is an excellent way to help develop their language and memory abilities. Along the way, various animals and colors are taught, as well as the alphabet and numbers.. 

  • Gross Motor Skills Development Activities

Gross motor skill development activities are also integral. Setting up an obstacle course or playing games that include running, jumping, and balancing activities helps kids develop physical capabilities and coordination; approximately 70% of preschoolers enjoy this form of physical development through running, jumping, and climbing activities that develop gross motor skills as well as coordination and balance.

Find Quality Care At St. Bart’s Preschool

Fun and Engaging Educational Activities for PreschoolersSt. Bart’s Preschool recognizes and values each child as an individual, providing a supportive space where children may explore, create, and express themselves freely. Our highly experienced and passionate teachers aim to foster an atmosphere where learning, loving, and sharing come first in everything we do.

Children learn best when having fun. That is why we provide engaging hands-on activities designed to foster curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills – whether through music lessons, art projects, or play activities – and make learning enjoyable for every student.

If your goal is for your child to receive a quality education in an inviting atmosphere, experience St. Bartholomew’s Preschool! We cannot wait for you and your little one to join our vibrant community!


Before concluding our discussion of educational activities for preschoolers, let’s briefly review their significance. Activities provide crucial opportunities to promote cognitive, social, and emotional growth for young children. You might be asking which kinds of activities work best – the answer lies within itself! It is key that children experience different forms of play, such as reading books aloud, playing games aloud, solving puzzles, and engaging in imaginative play activities.

As our last goal for preschoolers, let’s address creating an appreciation of learning among preschoolers. By making learning engaging and fun for our youngsters, we can instill lifelong enthusiasm for discovery and exploration in them – so let’s create unforgettable learning experiences together and enjoy this exciting period in their lives!

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