​Your child is unique and should have opportunities to develop individual creativity, explore, experiment, enjoy peer friendships and learn foundational concepts in a fun-filled preschool environment. We provide a safe, developmentally appropriate program for children ages 2-5 that will foster each child’s growth: socially, cognitively, emotionally, and physically.

We believe in “play with a purpose.” Play helps develop the connections in children’s brains, it helps them discover how the world works, and introduces them to academic concepts. It is play that teaches children how to think and solve problems, which readies them for the critical thinking and memory skills that are necessary for the primary school years. We also know students need to be prepared for the rigor of elementary school, so we provide a blended program of play and academics.

As a Christian preschool, we seek to share our faith in Christ by helping the children understand the world God has made and the love Jesus has for each one of them. We also support parents and families as they lead their children on a path toward a lifetime of learning. Our goal is to have our students leave St. Bart’s loving school, excited about learning, and socially and academically prepared for their journey into kindergarten.