The Importance of Early Childhood Education

Is it important for my child to attend a preschool program? What are the benefits? We frequently hear these questions. We wholeheartedly believe that your child’s experience at St. Bart’s Preschool will greatly influence their success in elementary school and beyond. Preschool is a wonderful introduction to school. Below are just some of the reasons why St. Bart’s Preschool is the best place for your child to start their learning adventure.

  1. Learn how to appropriately play with their peers – sharing and taking turns
  2. Experience activities that promote fine motor and gross motor skills
  3. Learn how to be part of a group
  4. Learn how to sit and listen as well as being able to sit and complete an activity
  5. Build verbal skills – asking and answering relevant questions

Please stop by for a tour of our program to see first hand the benefits of our preschool.

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